Mitsui Mining & Smelting to Raise Alloyed Copper Output

Mitsui Mining & Smelting expands the alloyed copper output to monthly 300 tonnes by the end of March 2008 through sales increase for alloyed copper with tin series, SNDC compared with current 200 tonnes of monthly output. The firm tries to shift to high valued alloyed copper from traditional brass strip and sheet when the firm expects the lower priced brass import from Asia could replace the domestic products. The firm developed SNDC, which contains small portion of tin and phosphor to improve the strength and heat resistance. The product has better bending workability and better stress corrosion cracking. The products also can avoid higher temperature during electric conduction due to the higher conductivity with 85% of international annealed copper standard (IACS). The firm expects SNDC demand could increase mainly for automobile. The firm prepares the inventory of wide strip and sheet to cut after order and to ship in around a week from the order. Brass products represent around 60% of sheet and strip products for the firm. The firm increases the alloyed copper output including phosphor deoxidized copper to improve the products mix.