Japan Car Makers Restart Production over Earthquake Influence

Japanese car makers restarted operations partly on Monday after Japanese auto component maker, Riken restarted the shipment on the same day. The automakers have stopped their operations due to the shutdown of Riken’s plant by an earthquake in Niigata. Japanese integrated steel makers and coil centers became some relieved when the steel suppliers downed the operation and shipment level along automakers’ halts.Riken announced on Monday the firm restarted the operation on Monday except for some processing lines. The firm had stopped the operation since July 16 and seems to require some time for full restoration. Major automakers are expected to recover full operation next week. Steel makers are gathering information about automakers’ restorations. Steel maker source said an influence by closedown is expected to be slight as total.Riken started the production of piston ring, seal ring and cam shaft as commonly. The firm commented the production is delayed by 4 days and the firm aims full restoration with affirmation for output systems and products quality.