Higher Plate Steel Price in Osaka

Plate steel distributors around Osaka succeeded to increase the reselling price by 1,000 yen to 82,000 yen per tonne for product with 16 millimeters thick, 4 feet width and 8 feet length in the week. The distributors take chance to increase the reselling price in the week under the tight supply when their cost price started to increase after the makers’ hike. The supply side pressure is lifting the local plate market after longer slump. The domestic makers reduce the shipment for distributors to increase the supply for manufacturers under full capacity operations. The supply is tight with low level import. The local distributors report the arrival from domestic makers get lower. The local demand is flat in the month as June after the distributors’ shipment slightly improved in June from recent bottom of May. Some distributors said the buyer of smaller distributors try to increase the purchase with expectation tighter supply. The distributors’ inventory started to decrease in the month and gets tighter. Especially, the inventory is almost stock out for products with 16 mm thick, 5 feet width and 10 and 20 feet length.