Flat Stainless Plate Price in Tokyo

Stainless steel plate market price is flat at 710,000-720,000 yen per tonne for SUS304 grade cut hot coil and at 810,000-820,000 yen for plate mill products while at 1.2-1.22 million yen for SUS316 for plate mill products around Tokyo. Japanese largest maker of Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel decreased the selling price by 40,000 yen per tonne from July contracts along the alloy-link price system. The firm’s additional price down is expected for next month. The firm announced the order cut from distributors and output reduction by 10% as well when the inventory is increasing.Dealers keep the reselling price because the supply became rather easier than before and there is anticipation that the market might weaken. The market price is expected to keep flat for a while.The hot rolled stainless plate inventory increased to 43,000 tonnes in June and increase from a year earlier for 7 consecutive months, according to the national processors’ group. Makers’ output reduction is expected to be effected in September.