Aluminium Scrap Market Price Down in Nagoya

Aluminium scrap market price continues decreasing in Nagoya to around 260 yen per kilogram for new cutting scrap, to around 215 yen per kg for aluminium-casting machine parts scrap and to around 170 yen per kg for pressed aluminium can scrap. Domestic primary aluminium price is 315-320 yen per kg, down by about 30 yen from the end of July, to reflect the decline of overseas primary aluminium market and the higher yen trend against US dollar.Secondary aluminium alloy makers are likely to decrease their purchasing price for aluminium scrap by 15-20 yen per kg for high grade scrap and by 10-15 yen per kg for low grade scrap for shipment during 15-31 August. On the other hand, aluminium scrap generation is low just after Japanese summer holidays in mid August. Aluminium scrap supply maintains tight especially for low grade scrap. Scrap dealers show disapprovals to decrease their selling price widely for low grade aluminium scrap when secondary aluminium alloy demand keeps strong and low grade scrap supply is tightening. Secondary aluminium alloy makers seemed to offer price down by about 20 yen per kg for low grade scrap initially.