Fujikura Expects Profit Recovery for Electronics & Auto Business

Fujikura estimates the operating profit could recover steadily for the Electronics & Auto Segment in the second half of fiscal 2007 ending March 2008. Kazuhiko Ohashi, president of Fujikura, explained the demand showed recovering sign for flexible printed circuits (FPCs) in July-September 2007 and was expected to increase more in October-December 2007. The firm has also tried to increase the sales ratio of high-value-added FPCs such as double sided FPC, multi layer FPC and component mounted FPC. The firm was recently suffered from worse profitability of low-end FPCs in severe competition with Taiwanese and South Korean makers.As to the auto business, Fujikura estimates operating loss of 1 billion yen for 1H of fiscal 2007. Operating costs expanded at Auxiliar de Componentes Electricos (ACE) in Spain, an auto components maker in which Fujikura acquired 60% shares in September 2006. ACE’s profitability is expected to recover in 2H.Fujikura posted operating loss of 1.9 billion yen for the Electronics & Auto Segment in 1Q of fiscal 2007. The firm gained operating profit of 3.5 billion yen for the segment in 3Q of fiscal 2006 and 200 million yen in 4Q of fiscal 2006. The profitability became worse due to the sharp price down of main products including FPCs and connectors. The firm estimates operating profit of 2.2 billion yen for the segment in 2Q.