Asada Katan Chutetu-syo Develops World First Hollow Castings

Kyoto based casting maker, Asada Katan Chutetu-syo Co., Ltd. developed technology to make hollow casting for the first time in the world. The technology can reduce weight of castings significantly while the material has better heat insulation and vibration reducing performance. The firm tries to commercialize the technology in automobile engine parts and machinery parts. The firm succeeded to develop the new casting technology, which is to melt inner part of castings by using difference of melting points between inner parts and decarbonized outer parts. The firm reduces the carbon content of outer parts to around 0.1% compared with normal 3.6-3.9%. With the lower carbon, the outer parts’ melting point increases to around 1,450 degree of centigrade compared with 1,100 degree for normal parts. The firm established in 1916 produces ductile castings to serve transport and industrial machinery makers including Daihatsu Motor and Kobelco Construction Machinery. The firm has monthly 1,200-1,300 tonnes of output capacity.