Nisshin Steel to Build New Stainless Foil Mill

Nisshin Steel announced on Tuesday the firm builds a cold rolling mill for stainless foil at Ichikawa plant in Chiba for 2 billion yen starting the commercial operation in first half of 2009. With the mill, which can produce foil with 10-250 micrometers thick and maximum 670 millimeters width, the firm increases the output capacity by 20% to meet growing demand for information technology related precision parts and automotive parts. The existing stainless foil mill started operation in 1988 and developed the applications. The firm tries to meet demand for products with high quality and higher preciseness through the new mill. Stainless steel foil, which is cold rolled products with less than 100 micrometers thick, is used for precision parts for appliances and electronics devices, automobile parts and construction materials.