JFE Steel to Expand Output of High Purity Ferrite Series Stainless

JFE Steel announced on Friday the firm increases the sales of high purity ferrite series stainless steel sheet, JFE443CT, to 13,000 tonnes per month toward May 2008 from current 6,000 tonnes per month. The firm will remodel steel making equipment in East Japan Works and introduce a new slab surface grinder. The firm will meet strong demand from domestic and overseas users by doubling the production.The firm extends the length of continuous casting equipment in no.4 steel making plant and raises the speed of slab casting. Moreover, the firm increases the production by 3,000 tonnes by an expanded grinder. The firm produces 443CT of 4,000 tonnes additionally by output reduction of common ferrite series stainless products, SUS430 and 410.The firm’s stainless sector division said the firm already accepted orders for 443CT at 13,000 tonnes and cannot meet the demand fully despite of the capacity expansion. The demand continues increasing when nickel price had surged up this year.JFE Steel will increase the production of 443CT to one-third of its all stainless steel products.South Korean stainless maker, POSCO or Chinese maker, Taiyuan Iron & Steel are also increasing their production of ferrite series stainless steel. JFE Steel expects 21% chrome stainless steel could substitute for SUS304 market.SUS443CT contains no nickel and molybdenum instead of higher chrome content at 21% compared with generally 18%. SUS443CT includes titanium at 0.3% and copper at 0.4% with corrosion resistance as same as SUS304.