Japan Cable Market Price Maintains Weak

Market price of building cable keeps flat with potential decreasing around Tokyo. The price is around 1,320-1,345 yen per meter of cut length for 3-core 600 volt CVT (triplex-type XLPE cable) with 38 square millimeters of copper cross section and around 40 yen per meter for 2-core 600V VVF (vinyl insulated vinyl sheathed flat-type cable) with 1.6 mm diameter.Japanese Electric Wire & Cable Makers’ Association announced on Friday the members’ shipment of building cables decreased by 14.4% to 29,400 tonnes of copper in April from a year earlier at quick estimation. The shipment represented 2-digit year-on-year decrease for 2 straight months due to the slower housing starts in Japan.Sources of cable makers and wholesalers say the shipment maintains still low in May. As to large-lot contracts, the shipment for Sharp’s new Sakai plant has been delayed by 1.5-2 months from originally planned. Cable makers and wholesalers have expected the supply and demand balance could become tighter for mid- and small-lot deals after the large-lot shipment starts such for Sakai plant. However, the movement has not occurred yet.