Flat Colored Galvanizing Steel Price in Tokyo

Colored galvanizing steel market price is flat at around 260,000 yen per tonne for small coil with 0.35 millimeters thick and 914 mm width and at around 234,000 yen for large coil around Tokyo. The dealers try to pass the higher cost on the market when the makers increase the selling price by around 10,000 yen in July and the dealers’ inventory level getting lower. However, the price is likely to keep the level in short term when the demand drops by around 20% from a year earlier. The flat steel rerollers expect they cannot secure the hot rolled coil from integrated steel makers enough to the demand due to limited availability of steel sources. However, the demand is still weak for building market and the dealers have trouble to increase the reselling price. The dealers report the inventory level is lower than level in April but the supply balance didn’t improve due to lower shipment in rainy season. The price hike effort could take longer time than the dealers expected. With seasonal slower demand in summer time, the market couldn’t accept the higher price until September.