Japan Rolled Copper Makers Seek Higher Rolling Margin

Tokyo based major brass bar maker, Ohki Brass & Copper will increase the rolling margin by 20 yen per kilogram for July order. Tokyo based rolled copper maker, Hitachi Alloy increases the rolling margin by 20-50 yen or 10% for brass bar and brass wire by September while the firm increases the price by 150 yen for deformed bar. Tokyo based rolled copper maker, Mitsubishi Shindoh increases the rolling charge by 20-30 yen for July order. They try to pass higher cost for materials and energy. Ohki Brass & Copper tries to pass higher energy and materials cost by the hike for the first time since 2006. The firm, which makes 2,500-2,800 tonnes per month of brass bar, tries to improve the quality and delivery service while the firm keeps stable supply through the better profitability. Hitachi Alloy increases the all processed items including brass tube, brass bar, deformed bar, brass wire and copper wire. The firm, makes monthly 800 tonnes of wire, 440 tonnes of strip and 180 tonnes of bar, already increased the rolling margin for March shipment but the additional higher cost forced the firm to increase additionally. Mitsubishi Shindoh also plans wide hike for special products to reflect higher rare metal market while the firm tries to revise the price mechanism to reflect averaged monthly official domestic price of copper and zinc when rolled products order is received.