Flat Sheet Steel Price in Tokyo

Sheet steel market price is flat at around 100,000-103,000 yen per tonne for hot rolled flat steel, at around 104,000-107,000 yen for pickling steel and at around 110,000-113,000 yen for cold rolled flat steel around Tokyo. The price is likely to peak despite of the pressure by supply side due to slowing building demand. The dealers’ shipment is slowing after speculative purchase in earlier the year. The building demand is uncertain due to aftermath of new building standard law and delayed building plan with surging steel and materials price. Some dealers try to secure certain sales volume at lower price. However, the dealers have trouble to secure the material when domestic integrated steel makers reduce the shipment for dealers while they are still reluctant to import high priced offshore material. The dealers prepare for higher reselling price when they are getting high priced supply from integrated steels in July. However, they are still trying to find the market trend including slowing demand and ailing financial position of the buyers.